Before we show up together in the coal region of Eastern Greater Poland, we want to meet you at the ACTION PLENA in one of three cities - Poznań, Konin or Warsaw - from which we will later commute to the place of action. Plena will take place on the same day, i.e. FRIDAY, JULY 24, but in different cities to enable you to get to a meeting from different places in Poland and Europe.

You can now start planning which city will be most convenient for you! We've also created a platform to look for accommodation in these cities to connect people who can accommodate others with those looking for temporary accommodation. Check it out:

You haven't been to the Climate Camp before and don't know what a plenum is? It is a meeting of all participants, during which we discuss the most important issues regarding planned action.

Everyone can then take the floor, ask a question to support each other and have a common vision of what can happen during civil disobedience.

We know that this unusual form of organizing (without a stationary camp) may not be easy to understand, but we will try to provide you with more clear messages. More info soon!