When the last tree has been cut down,
the last fish caught,
and the last river poisoned;

only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.



16 – 21.07.2019

Where open pit mines are causing beautiful lakes to disappear, the Noteć river to dry up on a stretch of over 30 kilometres, and where farmers are forced to accept annual decline in crop yields, we will meet to join local communities in the fight against social injustice and the destruction of nature.

Climate change, and the degradation of regions in which fossil fuels are extracted, emerges from the systematic exploitation of the natural environment and people. Opposing this harmful process requires cooperation and the combined forces of everyone who does not agree to live in a world that is stripped of trees, polluted, dug up or deprived of natural lakes and rivers.

Who are we?

The Climate Camp is organised by an informal group of individuals who act against unjust social relations and all forms of exploitation, aiming to reclaim agency by means of proactive action.

The Camp will be a space for:

  • Civil disobediance
  • Mutual education
  • Bottom-up activism against exploitation of people and the destruction of nature
  • Enabling dialogue and connecting different movements and groups.


Degradation continues

Poland is one of the largest producers of hard coal and lignite (“brown coal”) in the world. While global energy policy takes another course in front of our eyes, Poland still gets 80% of its electricity from coal, including 30% from brown coal. The dependence of the country on this fuel has fatal consequences for the natural environment and the health and future of people. Lignite mining technology destroys the water resources of the country, and during the combustion of this fuel toxic substances, harmful dusts and climate-changing carbon dioxide enter the air. Lignite mining is associated with enormous financial outlays, ultimately borne by society in the form of health problems, destruction of water resources, loss of workplaces and extreme weather events caused by climate change.


Their business – our costs

The Climate Camp will take place on the border of the two voivodeships (provinces) of Wielkopolskie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie. The Pątnów-Adamów-Konin SA (ZE PAK) Power Plant Group is running a complex of opencast mines and power plants in the region. As a society, we finance the outcomes of decision-makers, who support lignite mining, causing ecological disaster in the region, the deterioration of the quality of life and health of people, irrational increase in public spending and dependence of the country on outdated energy technologies. ZE PAK SA doesn’t take any responsibility for the destruction of the climate, the drying of lakes, ponds and rivers, air pollution, and degradation of local agriculture and tourism, which are the pillars of the economy in the region.


What’s next?

The time has come for decision-making to come into the hands of social movements! We will not passively observe the situation in which the government, together with private investors, derive profits from destroying ecosystems, local communities and everyone’s future. It is time to regain energy for the climate! Energy transformation can not remain in the hands of politicians, focused on short-term benefits at the expense of the environment, people’s health, technological backwardness and deepening economic inequalities over many years. The lack of a rational national energy strategy means that the economic, environmental and social costs of mining remain hidden and are passed on to the poorest. We know that there are alternatives to the current energy economy. We want to present them during the Camp.


No logo

The political nature of our actions is not connected in any way with party-political activities. In work for social justice, nature and climate protection, party and organizational branding are secondary, distracting issues that divide the community unnecessarily. Thus, the camp space is free from promoting any brands, organisations or party affiliations.


Our actions

We want to work in a positive and creative way. Thus, during the first Climate Camp, we will only conduct educational and protest activities. As agreed with the local community, they will be limited to demonstrations and happenings. We express full understanding and approval for civic disobedience in justified situations, but we will act with respect for the will of the local residents. The Climate Camp does not want to duplicate the behaviour patterns of investors who execute arbitrary plans, disregarding the voice of local communities, ultimately leaving the inhabitants with the consequences and long-term consequences of decisions made without their participation and agreement.

Our actions are not aimed at miners or mine employees. Our activities are aimed at structural changes, which means providing these professional groups with a safe future.


Join, come, share!

  • Join the organization of the camp now!
  • Come and participate in workshops, discussions, tours and concerts!
  • Share your skills, art and music – we are open to your suggestions for the program!

The strength of the Climate Camp is mutual respect and understanding for the needs of different communities, and no signs of discrimination will be tolerated.

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